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Audi A3 8PA Sportback 2004-2012 car speakers upgrade kit best in test in the German CarHifi magazine uperclass front and rear door speakers upgrade pack front and brackets

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car stereo speakers package deals
 If you’re looking to upgrade the sound of your car’s stereo!
 Car speaker upgrade kit:
Car Speaker Package Built With 
German High Quality Speakers
These package of car speakers is fitting for

 Audi A3 8PA Sportback 2004-2012

 Compatibility: Front and Rear Doors

 You'll discover that changing your factory speakers may make a difference which you certainly hear. Music seems crisper and better, closer to the way it was recorded and much more dynamic than it would with a wornout or lowquality loudspeaker.
Speaker replacement is, in addition the single-most costeffective car stereo upgrade you'll be able to execute. And yet the newer, factoryinstalled speaker systems, that might sound OK in the beginning, are not commonly assembled to give the past few years to you of reliable, earpleasing sound you'll be able to expect from a set of aftermarket speakers.
 kit includes 2 x 2 way component car speakers

 JL Audio C1 650 

The new C1 series from JL-Audio can be described as more than successful. Come to the ordinary production
really well made chassis, elaborate 19mm aluminum fabric tweeter and a great sound. Overall, this is a top performance in the low price range.

Magazine Car Hifi 01/2018 Grade "Very good quality with great sound."


Easy installation! 

Due to the inline crossovers the installation is much easier. No extra wiring from the vehicle door to the dashboard where the original tweeter is located. Connect the tweeter with the Inline crossover and connect to the original cable of the old tweeter and the installation is done!


C1 Component Systems
Is the actual bargain at a very sweet price!

Benefitting from our experience in construction world class Subwoofer drivers, the woofers in C1 parts and coaxials. Each C1 Woofer driver uses a purpose-built frame layout, outfitted with a DMA-optimized motor system, and mineral-filled, injection-molded, polypropylene cones. A rubber surround with advanced rear suspension Layouts and incorporated lead wires ensure precise voice coil control for Improved audio quality and improved reliability.

C1 speakers also use real aluminum dome tweeters with silk Suspensions for refined high performance performance and improved response. Coaxial models are equipped with true, 2nd order high-pass Filters on-board, for easy, accurate treble reproduction and non distortion. Component systems comprise in-line, outboard 2nd order High-pass filters, with Advanced Tweeter Protection Circuitry.

16,5 cm 2-Way Component System
Power Handling 50/225 Watts, Impedance 4 Ohms
19 mm Aluminum Dome Tweeter
Mineral-filled, injection-molded polypropylene cone
6dB Inline-Crossover with Advanced Tweeter Protection Circuitry
91 dB, Frequency Response 59Hz - 22kHz +/-3dB
‡ 53 mm, Ø 128 mm