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Helix SPXL Subwoofer
With enormous power excelling audiophile sound characteristics, these amplifiers from the Competition Line, create
a memorable, lasting and impressive music experience.
HELIX SPXL 1000 Competition
HELIX SPXL 1000 Competition
SPL mono amplifier (1x750/1500W), 1-Ohm-stable
Colour: black
“We build amplifiers and loudspeakers, that truly express the magic and fascination
of music - with love and passion, with precision and knowledge and the absolute
ambition to create outstanding products for the pleasure of pure sound.”
Additionally with its excellent A-series amplifiers, HELIX now offers a powerful SPL mono block (750/1500 Watts) as a part
of its top line which was specially designed for the new subwoofer SPXL 12. The amplifier SPXL 1000 is also applicable as
a double mono block which holds a legendary 3.200 Watts (1-Ohm-stable)!
Helix SPXL specification