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BMW E 90 2005 - 2013 316, 318, 320, 325, 330 3 Series saloon car-specific upgrade speakers for BMW suitable for connection to DSP amplifier

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car stereo speakers package deals
 If you’re looking to upgrade the sound of your car’s stereo!
 Car speaker upgrade kit:
Car Speaker Package Built With 
German High Quality Speakers
These package of car speakers is fitting for
BMW 316, 318, 320, 325, 330
3 Series E90 2005 - 2013 saloon
Car speakers for front doors with tweeters for the door pillars and custom fit subwoofers for underneath the seats
 You'll discover that changing your factory speakers may make a difference which you certainly hear. Music seems crisper and better, closer to the way it was recorded and much more dynamic than it would with a wornout or lowquality loudspeaker.
Speaker replacement is, in addition the single-most costeffective car stereo upgrade you'll be able to execute. And yet the newer, factoryinstalled speaker systems, that might sound OK in the beginning, are not commonly assembled to give the past few years to you of reliable, earpleasing sound you'll be able to expect from a set of aftermarket speakers.
kit include mb quart qmw200 3 20cm custom fit component 3 way speakers

MS 83C-BMW.1 three-way component system combines convenient installation with maximum sound improvement.

The stunning solution not only for enthusiasts – here’s a complete 3-way speaker system that replaces the poor sounding BMW standard speaker configuration. Needless to say that a hassle-free installation thanks to the car-specific baskets is guaranteed. More important to mention is the sonic impact you will experience after the fitting is done. An awesome combination of top-class speaker components and a specially designed crossover will shift the sound in your BMW to another level.

MATCH 3-Way component kit 20 cm MS 83C-BMW.1
2 x Tweeter
2 x Midrange
2 x Subwoofer
2 x Crossover
1 x Connection cables
2 x Acoustic cloth
1 x Instruction manual

Technical specifications MS 83C-BMW.1:
Power RMS / max. ....... 150 / 300 Watts
Frequency response....... 30 Hz - 25 kHz
Sensitivity........................ 91 dB 1W / 1m
Impedance........................4 Ohms
Diameter subwoofer / midrange / tweeter
200 mm / 100 mm / 25 mm; 8" / 4" / 1"
Separate, 6 dB / 12 dB slope with bandstop filter
1 x Mounting and installation manual

High level stability, rich bass, harmonic midrange sound and brilliant, detailed high frequency reproduction make this system a top notch vehicle specific sound upgrade.


 MATCH Plug & Play System

 As simple as the speakers are connected to the DSP amplifier and via a downloadable software can tune the car acoustics with the speakers

Your vehicle will remain as it is: Here, an iron principle applies. Nothing needs to be effectively modified to install one of our MATCH Plug & Play Systems.

These speakers are to be connected with the least effort to match plug and play amplifier.


main screen dsp

The division of the user interface follows from top to bottom a possible adjustment workflow: select the memory location - Channel
configuration - Frequency graph - Time alignment - level - Equalizer.

carry out all settings on the dsp

listening with and without dsp

Ready Sound Setup database available

sound database

helix dsp pro award

helix six dsp award